Discipleship Basic Training Weekend

With Dr. Robert Mansfield of Evangelistic Discipling

Friday and Saturday

March 11th – 12th

Cost: $5 (for lunch on Saturday)

Click on the above QR Code for online payment page

Click on the above QR Code for online payment page

Join us for a weekend designed to show us what discipleship really is, and provide tools for being effective disciplers. Learn what a discipler does, how to think like a discipler, and what to teach to a new believer, why discipleship is so important and more. This is a weekend that will help equip each one of us to reach our community and to go and make disciples…just as Jesus commanded us! See Jenifer Tong for more information!


Friday, March 11th

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Praying with the Seeker

Saturday, March 12th

9:00 am - Continental Breakfast
9:30 am - What a Discipler Is and Does
12:00 pm - Lunch Break
12:30 pm - What Every Church Needs
3:00 pm - Conclusion

Sunday, March 13th

9:15 am - Continental Breakfast
9:45 am - Sunday School - Why Discipleship is so Important
11:00 am - The Life Changing Experience that Didn't Change Him