April 2018

As we move into April the colors around us will change from brown to green. Lawn mowers will be dusted off, people will spend more time outside, children will be on their bikes, and trees will show signs of new growth. 

It’s only fitting that Easter falls right at the beginning of spring. We’re reminded during this season about the new life that is promised to us through Christ. We’ve been reminded that in no way can we make it on our own, but that only through Christ are we made a new creation. Just as the disciples saw a new day after Christ’s resurrection, we too are given a new day this Easter season. My hope during this time of newness is that we will each discover again how much God loves us, how much grace has been poured out to us, and how our renewed spirits may better serve our Lord. 

This month we are planning to break ground on our expansion building project. We covet your prayers as we get started. This project will give our building the much needed extra room. The sanctuary will hold almost twice the number of people, we will have new larger bathrooms, more storage area, and a new outside courtyard area. Please be in prayer that the project will be move quickly along and will be problem free. Also pray as to what the Lord would ask you to give. The cost of the project is estimated to be $300,000 and we have raised approximately $130,000. Praise the Lord! 

Looking forward to Summer!

Summer means different things to different people. To students, it means “freedom.” To farmers, it means “work”! To families, it means vacations. To the church, it means growth. Growth? Growth. Growth within the walls and outside the walls. We want our relationship with Jesus to be continually growing. We want our fellowship among the family to be continually growing and we want our relationship with the community of Goodrich to becontinually growing! There are many ways to do this! Our relationship in all three of these areas will experience  growth if we are willing to put the time in. With the Lord, its being in the word and in prayer. With each other, its fellowshipping and getting to know each other, and in the community, it inviting them in!  

Consider this... Choose a time that works and make it a habit of spending that time each day with the Lord. Summer is a great time to sit on your deck, your porch, or maybe even at the park and spend some quality time with Jesus. Summer is also a great time to look around your church family and consider inviting a few families over for an afternoon picnic. There is no better way to   get to know each other then to spend time together! There are 13 Sundays this summer, choose a few Sundays and just do it! Summer is also a incredible time to get familiar with our community. Consider serving this summer, there are plenty of areas within the children ministries and youth ministries that could use your help as they invite the community in.

I'm looking forward to a great summer here at FamilyNaz!

Pastor Gary

April Pastor's Corner

I would guess that many of you are happy to be able to put your snow shovels, winter boots, and winter coats away. I have to admit that last weekend as I was putting my snowmobiles away for the year I couldn't help but wish our winter months were a tad bit longer. Living in Michigan gives all of us the opportunity to fall in love with the seasons that we are blessed to experience here, and I love winter. Spring gives us the opportunity to watch the flowers bloom, the tree's bud, but the greatest opportunity we have is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! As we begin to move towards April 16'th I would like to challenge everyone to spend some time each day praying for our Easter Services. Pray for hearts and lives to be changed and for the Holy Spirit to move in a mighty way. Pray and ask the Lord whom He would have you invite. Most of us spend a great deal of time spring cleaning, spring repairing, shopping for Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, and maybe even Easter clothes, but how much time do we actually spend praying for our church and our Sunday Services? Prayer is the most important thing we can do. Jesus loves for us to spend time with Him. When is the last time that you made a commitment to pray daily for something? Won't you consider my challenge and join me in praying intentionally for our Easter services.

Annual Pastor's Report

As I begin my report I would like to say how humbled and honored I am to be your pastor. This past year has been a year of growth for the Family Community Church of the Nazarene. Growth in numbers but more importantly, spiritual growth. We have watched dozens kneel at these altars and we have prayed and cheered each other on as we have grown.  We have seen many who have met Jesus for the first time and we have seen many recommit their lives. We have baptized 45 individuals and have raised our membership list to 90.

     During the months of May and June we saw our Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry begin to soar through ministry opportunities such as Spring Musical, Celebrate Life, & Graduation Sunday. I would like to thank my wife Linda and Brandon for their commitment to our Children and our youth, we are blessed. During the summer Linda and I were able to minister to children during camps in Southern Ohio, Eastern Michigan, and Eastside Mission Camp. We also held revivals at Flint Central and the Williams Lake Church. In August I was blessed to give the lesson each night during Vacation Bible School.  We celebrated our One Year Anniversary on September 18th with a Tent Service and Sunday picnic. In October Linda and I attend our Eastern Michigan District- Ministry Assessment Weekend, in which I received recommendation for my District License. In November we held our first revival services with guest speaker and friend Daryl Blank. All five services were filled with the Holy Spirit and terrific growth took place. 

The spiritual growth and the changes the Lord has brought in the lives here at FamilyNaz has been so exciting to watch. God is on the move here. I believe he has plans that far exceed anything we could imagine.

     I am so thankful for the staff God has surrounded me with. Thank you Thess for your commitment to worship.  I believe we have the best and I am so thankful for the hours of practice, your servant’s heart and your love for Jesus. Thank you TJ for your commitment to serve, and the encouragement you give to Thess. Your talents are amazing and you are both a blessing to this family. Thank you Pastor Autumn for all you do. Thank you for loving people. Thank you for the baptisms, the hospital visits, the bible studies, communionand for loving our young adults. Thank you Jeff for serving alongside of Autumn and for being part of our church board. You are a terrific team and I cannot imagine being on this journey without the two of you. Thank you to my wife Linda. Thank you for loving and leading the children here at FamilyNaz. I have enjoyed hearing of all the children who have accepted Jesus, those that are participating in Bible Quizzing, and those that have a heart to serve! You do a wonderful job and your team is top notch!  Thank you Brandon for your love for our youth. It has been a privilege to watch you grow up and a greater privilege to present you with your first local Pastors license this past year. God is using you in so many ways to grow our youth. Thank you. I would like to finish by thanking our church board. It has been a great year. A year of spiritual and also numerical growth.  As the building and parking lot began to fill up, decisions had to be made and on June 5th we went to two services. This took a strong commitment as a church board and as a church family.

     This FamilyNaz Family is packed with talent and commitment. Thank you to each of you who serve. From the café, to our nursery workers, to greeters, to counters, security, and ushers, to the information committee, to media & sound, to janitors & outdoor maintenance, and to our children’s and youth volunteers. You are all kingdom builders. In February of 2016 we averaged 183. Six months later in August we found ourselves at 231. This past 4 weeks we averaged 272. We are experiencing constant and steady growth. So many of you are bringing your families AND you inviting your friends! This is terrific as we are filling up again. I am not sure what the next step is? This past week we have started to expand the parking lot, we’ve taken a wall down to accommodate the growth in our nursery and we are currently looking at possibly doing the same in the Children’s Church area. Only the Lord knows what is around the corner. I believe connections, servant hood, and prayer have been key to our consistent growth.  There are options; I just want to follow Gods will. I want to be obedient. I want to be on my knees. I want to be following His voice. Please join me in this.

Respectively Submitted,

Gary Loudermilk


Nazarene Missions International Director: President: Denise Barron Vice President: Misty Burton

Nazarene Youth International: Kristen Clarambeau

Sunday School Discipleship Ministry International: Jenifer Tong

SDMI Board: Dana Alger, Kristin Frankart, Jaime Kaatz,  Loudermilk, Tina Power

Church Board: Thess Ash, Chris Clarambeau, Farrell Cobb, Jeff Hamilton, Rod Henley, Suzanne Hollister, Jeff Howard, Justin Loudermilk

District Assembly Delegate: Nancy Loudermilk, Sandy Perry

District Missions Delegate:  Sally Cobb, Jaime Kaatz

February News

The start of a New Year gives us the feeling of a fresh start, a new beginning, and a chance for new opportunities. The "promise" of people making New Year's resolutions goes back over 3000 years. It is a time when people desire to start fresh. Now that its February, let me ask you a question? Did you make any resolutions? IF you did, how is it going? Did you include the Lord in any of them? I would like to challenge everyone to to go deeper this year. Go deeper in your walk with the Lord and deepen that relationship.  Spending more time in His word and more time in prayer is the best resolution you could make. He craves our undivided attention. He wants to be our main focus.

As we move into February our official “Nazarene Year” comes to a close. I would like to invite everyone out to our annual meeting on Sunday evening, February 12’th, at 5pm. During the meeting department heads will be sharing ministry reports, elections will be taking place, and I will share my end of the year report and vision for our future. We are on a terrific journey together and I believe the best is yet to come! I hope that you will mark this date and come.

Merry Christmas!

I think we blinked and fall was gone. What an amazing few months we have had here at FamilyNaz. We celebrated our ONE year anniversary, greeted over 800 guests at our annual Treat Street, wrapped up an amazing Upwards Football & Cheer season, celebrated with our Kids Bible Quiz team as they placed first at districts, experienced a very powerful revival with Pastor Daryl Blank, celebrated as 55 women attended Ladies fall retreat, and cheered as 48 youth gathered for their fancy game night this past Sunday night. These activities are not just activities that we place on a calendar and then cross off, they are activities that are crucial in the life of our church. These are dates that "ministry happens" and when ministry happens, lives are changed forever. These dates give us opportunity to build the kingdom. As we move through our second year as a family at FamilyNaz I challenge each of you to find a place to "get involved". You can serve, you can help plan, you can lead, you can greet, you can attend, and most importantly you can pray. God desires for each of us to serve. John 12:26....Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.

As we move towards Christmas there are many dates that are on our December calendar. Take some time and add them to your family calendar. As you add, pray. Our desire is that God would be at the center of each of our gatherings. Pray that the Lord would lay someone on your heart that needs him, someone to invite. Pray that as our church grows we would grow in fellowship with each other and the Father. Each gathering gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better. If the Lord lays an opportunity to serve on your heart, don't hesitate do it. If you do not know who to contact to get involved, contact me 810 691-3900 and I will point you in the right direction and personally help this happen. My desire is for everyone to find their spot. 

November's Corner

As we move into the month of November I am in awe of what the Lord is doing here at FamilyNaz. This past month Pastor Autumn and I had the privilege of baptizing 18 people and we were able to witness the Holy Spirit moving in a very powerful way during those baptism services. This past month we also offered a membership class in which a dozen people committed to learn & seek knowledge of the beliefs in the Church of the Nazarene. This upcoming month, we will host our very first revival week here at FamilyNaz. I would like to ask each of you to place this very important week on your personal calendars. I believe this will be a special time in the spiritual life of our church. These few days will be powerful and will no doubt change the lives of many people. I would like you to join me today in praying for this powerful week. Pastor Daryl Blank will be our speaker. Daryl is a personal friend of mine and has been my mentor for many years. The children will also have services specifically for them that week also. Mrs. Sandy Grimshaw from the Lakeview church will be their special speaker. As the week approaches, please be in prayer as to who you can invite and come with an expecting and open heart. I am anticipating a fabulous week full of victories and growth. 

Pastor Gary's Corner - July 2016

June has been a month of celebration here at FamilyNaz. We have celebrated our graduates, our fathers, 13 baptisms and the step of faith to move to two Sunday morning services. These are exciting days in so many lives. My prayer is that you take God everywhere with you. As you graduate and make life decisions, as you father your children, and as you live your life out loud. I would also like to personally thank everyone who has stepped up to help with our transition into two services. Greeters, ushers, teachers, safety team, cafe' workers, sound, tech, praise team and children's workers. I believe the extra space will not only provide comfort but will also create growth.

As summer approaches, we are excited to see how the Lord will move on this property. We have a summer that is full of possibilities both on Sundays and Wednesday evenings. The children are enjoying their weekly "Missions on the Move" and we are studying the book of Galatians every Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Our young adults have many opportunities this month for fellowship and Bible Study as well. Thank you Autumn and Jeff for your leadership in this area.

I would like you to mark the dates August 8-12 on your calendar as we will be welcoming the community of Goodrich through our doors for Vacation Bible School. This will be our first big attempt to invite children in from the Goodrich community. We will need dozens to volunteer. We will need teachers, greeters, check-in help, crafty people, tech people and people who enjoy sports to help out with the game time. We are hoping that a bus driver will be needed as well. The theme is God's Backyard Bible Camp and it will be held each evening from 6-8:30 p.m. We will conclude the week on Sunday, August 14th with a giant outdoor service under one tent. Following the service we will have an all day picnic filled with food, fellowship, and fun! The Vacation Bible School committee will begin to recruit volunteers on Sunday July 10th. Please be in prayer as to where you can serve. A Vacation Bible School volunteer meeting will be held on Wednesday August 3rd from 7:30-8:30 p.m.

These are exciting days! As you spend time with the Lord each day, please pray for His guidance, His wisdom, His protection, and His will as we minister together. #GodIsOnTheMove

Pastor Gary