Looking forward to Summer!

Summer means different things to different people. To students, it means “freedom.” To farmers, it means “work”! To families, it means vacations. To the church, it means growth. Growth? Growth. Growth within the walls and outside the walls. We want our relationship with Jesus to be continually growing. We want our fellowship among the family to be continually growing and we want our relationship with the community of Goodrich to becontinually growing! There are many ways to do this! Our relationship in all three of these areas will experience  growth if we are willing to put the time in. With the Lord, its being in the word and in prayer. With each other, its fellowshipping and getting to know each other, and in the community, it inviting them in!  

Consider this... Choose a time that works and make it a habit of spending that time each day with the Lord. Summer is a great time to sit on your deck, your porch, or maybe even at the park and spend some quality time with Jesus. Summer is also a great time to look around your church family and consider inviting a few families over for an afternoon picnic. There is no better way to   get to know each other then to spend time together! There are 13 Sundays this summer, choose a few Sundays and just do it! Summer is also a incredible time to get familiar with our community. Consider serving this summer, there are plenty of areas within the children ministries and youth ministries that could use your help as they invite the community in.

I'm looking forward to a great summer here at FamilyNaz!

Pastor Gary