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FamilyNaz Youth // Restart Student Ministries exists to see students come together to grow in their relationship with God and others, serve Him through their church, school and community, and laugh along the way. We believe in Students taking responsibility for their faith and walk with Christ. The youth of our church can be found serving in multiple capacities and we meet together for a couple things:

We offer a weekly gathering on Sunday Nights from 5:00-6:30pm. Youth Group is tailored to Students grade 7th-12th. There is always food, games, activities, a lesson, and a community of students your age! We love our time together and hope you join us sometime! We have small groups and Bible studies popping up all the time. We'd love to get you connected in one!

We also have events happening all the time! We've had massive pizza parties where we've ordered from 7+ pizza places, we get dressed up and have a game show night around Thanksgiving, take trips to Cedar Point, SpringHill, The Adventure Park and more! Be sure and check out the calendar for a youth event coming soon!

To check out what's going on, look to our social media accounts:

Facebook: Restart Student Ministry

Instagram: @RestartSM