Our motto at Family Community Church of the Nazarene is “Welcome Home!” It is our hope that you feel comfortable, even “at home” when you visit us.

When you first enter Family Naz, you will be greeted by our greeters - friendly people that are there to say hello, answer any questions you have, and direct you to the sanctuary. They will also hand you a pamphlet that we call a Bulletin.  This will be full of information about current and future events at Family Naz as well as ongoing ministries. Our Welcome Center, located just inside our entrance, will have more brochures with details of our church and ministries as well.   If you have children, they can show you to our check-in area for children, infants and preschoolers. Your children are more than welcome to attend service with you, but most children prefer worshiping in their own age-specific area.  Let’s face it, Kids’ Church is a lot of fun! Plus, with our state of the art security system, you can rest assured that they will be kept safe until you return for them. We have programming for all children ages birth through 6th grade during both our 9:00 and 11:00 morning worship services. 

Once you pass our children’s area, you will come across our Café.  Please help yourself to a cup of coffee. Our Cafe is staffed with more helpful people that could answer any questions or just help you pick out which coffee flavoring to try. We occasionally have treats like donuts or muffins, so please enjoy these as well. These items are free of charge, but we also offer some specialty drinks for a small fee.

You may notice that everyone is dressed differently, some in ties while others in shorts, some in dresses and others in jeans. How you dress isn’t important. Please wear what makes you comfortable.

Once you enter our sanctuary, please feel free to sit anywhere you would like.  There is no reserved seating…except for maybe the section in the front right corner. Our teens have sort of claimed this area for themselves. However, feel free to sit with them. They are a very friendly bunch!

Our service generally begins with a welcome from one of our church members then our worship team leads us in a few songs.  Our music is modern – drums and guitar driven – and is enjoyable to listen to. After the music, we take an offering.  This offering is for those that already call Family Naz their home.  Please do not feel obligated to donate when you visit. We are just happy that you decided to join us.

After offering and prayer, Pastor Gary (and occasionally Pastor Autumn) will speak for about 25 to 30 minutes.  His messages are enjoyable to listen to and relevant to our lives.  He teaches from the Bible and often includes interesting stories and anecdotes. When Pastor Gary preaches, you will hear solid Christian theology in understandable, relevant terms.  You will laugh at times and cry at times as God tugs at your heart.

When service has ended, you can pick up your children from the Children’s Check-In station. Pastor Gary will be around, so please introduce yourself to him.  He and others will be there to answer any remaining questions you might have. Also, please remember you can visit our Welcome Center if you need more help.

We hope you will visit us this Sunday at Family Naz. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you!